NEW Episode of Babe Time! Muppets special…WOOO, click to listen..

NEW Episode of Babe Time! Muppets special…WOOO, click to listen..

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Hey guys! It’s Babe O’Clock! Below you will be able to listen to the second episode of Babe Time With Loulou & Laetitia. In this week’s show, we talk about Jon Kortajarena, positive mental image and London band Spector. 

Good news for your ears: we got rid of the special effects (but we still swear a lot).
Before you ask, we recorded this before all the rioting went on which is why it isn’t mentioned in the show. The truth is Loulou actually went and helped with the cleaning up, she didn’t just receive her new iPhone as she says on the show… As for me, I worried a lot about everyone back home while attending shows here in Stockholm so I didn’t *really* have time to check out babes… Anyway - the next episode won’t be pre-recorded so you will have us in our full glory again.


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My new radio/podcast show - introducing... Babe Time !


This is what happened. Me and my bff Laetitia decided recently that we wanted to start a weekly radio/podcast show, where we could talk about things we are interested in each week, babes, the universe… and also answer your questions (about anything!)

So last night we went for it recorded our first show, no editing, full of our own silly (amazing) jokes, rambles and great advice.

You can listen to it HERE, excuse the extra loud sound effects, we will get that sorted for next time..

SO if you want to reply to this post with any questions for us to answer in the next show then please do, or reply to the post at Mademoiselle Robot. You will find all the details about our areas of expertise in the post.

We think you are awesome, X

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